• Cornell Scintillation Simulation Toolkit: This package allows the user to simulate ionospheric scintillation with a given S4 and τ0. Functions are written in Matlab and produce a data output file that can be input to a Spirent GPS Signal Simulator. This can be useful both for comparing multiple receivers when tracking under identical scintillation conditions, and for testing receiver performance under a wide range of scintillation severity.  The simulator is based on the paper Humphreys, Todd E., et al. "Simulating ionosphere-induced scintillation for testing GPS receiver phase tracking loops." IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Signal Processing 3.4 (2009): 707-715.

Development and Evaluation of Anti-Spoofing Techniques for Civil GNSS

GNSS Interference Detection and Localization

The GPS Assimilator: A Method for Upgrading Existing GPS User Equipment to Improve Accuracy, Robustness, and Resistance to Spoofing